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The principal tombs discovered by the MAFB (FAMB)

Aside from two entrances noted on the east face of the cliff at the beginning of the 1980s, all the tombs discovered thus far (and in certain cases, only in the course of exploration or excavation) are located on the south face of the cliff of the Bubasteion and are, for the most part, arranged on two levels (at least one more level seems to be still mostly hidden by rubble and wind-blown sand). The French Archaeological Mission of the Bubasteion (MAFB/FAMB) has chosen Roman numerals to designate these levels: I (upper) and II (lower). On each level, every tomb, even when there is nothing more than an entrance, has received an Arabic numeral, beginning with the east corner of the cliff, where the project of exploration and excavation began.

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Tomb Bubasteion I.1

The vizier and divine father ‘Aper-El (‘Abdiel), variant ‘Aperia (for ‘Abdi), his wife, the lady Taweret / Ouriaï, and their son, the army comander Huy.

Reigns of Amenhotep III and Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten).


Tomb Bubasteion I.3

The officer Resh. Reigns of Tuthmosis IV and Amenhotep III.


Tomb Bubasteion I.5

The overseer of granaries Mery-Sekhmet. End of Dynasty 18.


Tomb Bubasteion I.6

The chancellor Nehesy. Reign of Hatshepsut (and Thutmosis III ?).


Tomb Bubasteion I.10

Ptahânkh. Probably reign of Amenhotep III.


Tomb Bubasteion I.13

The royal butler Seth / Setesh. Reign of Amenhotep III.


Tomb Bubasteion I.16

The ambassador, high steward of Memphis, overseer of the treasury Netjerwymes (more likely than Nemty(wy)mes?), also known by the surname Parakhnawa. Reign of Ramesses II.


Tombe Bubasteion I.17 bis et I.18

Tombs of the Old Kingdom (Dynasty 6), abandoned or transformed, still to be identified.


Tomb Bubasteion I.19

The director of painters in the Place of Maât Thutmes (Djehutymes)


Tomb Bubasteion I.20

The foster mother of Pharaoh Tutankhamun and great of the harim, Maïa/Mayati. Reign of Tutankhamun.


Tomb Bubasteion I.21

The chief royal butler Penrenut. Reign of Merneptah.


Tomb Bubasteion I.27

The scribe of the treasury of the temple of Aten at Memphis Râïay / Hatiay. Reign of Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten).


Tomb Bubasteion II.4

The chancellor Meryrâ (but the tomb also makes mention of the chancellor Sennefer, probably the same person). Reign of Amenhotep III.


Tomb Bubasteion II.x (below tomb Bub. I.16)

The scribe of the cadaster Ptahmes. Reign of Amenhotep III.